River Meadows Farm

The Varney Family haying in the 1930's

The fifth generation making hay at River Meadows Farm in 2000

Devon cattle are a heritage breed.  This means they have genetics that go back to some of the earliest documentations of cattle registry.  Commercial agriculture has posed a threat to preserving these fine quality genetics since their cattle selections have been designed to fill the grain-fed finishing lots. River Meadows Farm's goal is to preserve the fine genetics of the heirloom Devon cattle breed with some of our genetic lines tracing back to the Clark devons which have a direct lineage to the first pure bred cattle in the Plymouth Colony.

Welcome! River Meadows Farm is a fifth generation family run farm in Turner Maine, nestled in the beautiful Androscoggin River Valley. Continuing for over 10 years, the Varney family breeds registered Devon cattle for premium grass fed beef. Chosen for their prime genetics for finishing completely on grass, Devon cattle from River Meadows Farm have traveled from coast to coast, producing 100% grass finished meat, no hormones, no GMO. Just the way beef should be.  

River Meadows Farm follows in the footsteps of our farming heritage with sustainable farming and forestry practices.  The cattle are rotationally grazed, pastures are managed for nutrient density and power is generated using solar energy.  The farm also uses sustainable forestry practices in producing fine quality timber and seasoned firewood, properly managing our forests to produce a renewable energy source for generations to come.  

In order to raise the absolute best, top quality, 100% grass feed beef that provides an amazing eating experience we start with superior Devon genetics.

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Breeding & Raising Devon Cattle

The Varney Family logging in the 1930's