What you should ask before you purchase meat...-

Farm Products

Providing firewood as a renewable energy source.

Mixed hardwoods sold by a loose thrown cord, 180 cubic feet.

Green and seasoned, cut and split, custom lengths available by pre ordering.

Semi seasoned

Seasoned, call us for availability & prices

*Cut, Split, and free delivery up to 20 miles.

We have a uniform group of yearling open heifers for sale.  They have a wide range of genetics and will make a great herd of brood cows to establish or expand your grass-fed herd.  These ladies have Rotokawa and Lakota genetics with potential to be bred to the bull of your choice. 

We also have several cow/calf pairs to offer.  These cows are consistent calvers or they would not be in our herd.  These good mothers produce 650# average weight feeders at 10 months on grass only.Contact us for their pedigrees and photos.  We will be glad to introduce you to these mild mannered, hard-working gals. 

Priced by whole animal, halves and quarters.  Contact us for more information.

100% Grass-fed, Nutrient Dense, Gourmet Devon Beef

For an exceptional dining experience try our beef It is tasty, tender and nutritious!

For more information check out:  

  • Do you plant GMO seed?                                     
  • Do you feed your animals GMO feed?

  • Do you feed your animals feed that is sprayed with Round Up or any other chemical fertilizers?


  • Do you spray herbicides on the ground around your farm?

  • Do you fertilize your feed crops with chemical fertilizers of any kind?                                      
  • Do you spray fungicides or pesticides on any crops that you raise for feed?                    
  • Are your animals fed any kind of antibiotic or hormones ever?                                      
  • Do you use sludge (human waste byproduct) on your fields?

  • Do you raise any animals inside a barn?

  • Do your animals graze on lush pastures and are they moved every 1-3 days?