100% Grass-fed, Nutrient Dense, Gourmet Devon Beef

For an exceptional dining experience try our beef It is tasty, tender and nutritious!

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We currently have 12 registered milking Devon cows for sale.  They are mostly bred to Lakota's Buckeye bull (beef Devon)They are due to calve in April through June.  They have been 100% grass fed.  Individual prices start at $3,000.00.  Don't miss this chance to start a great herd of milkers or brood cows!

Providing firewood as a renewable energy source.

Mixed hardwoods sold by a loose thrown cord, 180 cubic feet.

Green and seasoned, cut and split, custom lengths available by pre ordering.

Farm Products

Semi seasoned

Seasoned, call us for availability & prices

*Cut, Split, and free delivery up to 20 miles.

What you should ask before you purchase meat...-

Priced by whole animal, halves and quarters.  Contact us for more information.

  • Do you plant GMO seed?                                     
  • Do you feed your animals GMO feed?

  • Do you feed your animals feed that is sprayed with Round Up or any other chemical fertilizers?


  • Do you spray herbicides on the ground around your farm?

  • Do you fertilize your feed crops with chemical fertilizers of any kind?                                      
  • Do you spray fungicides or pesticides on any crops that you raise for feed?                    
  • Are your animals fed any kind of antibiotic or hormones ever?                                      
  • Do you use sludge (human waste byproduct) on your fields?

  • Do you raise any animals inside a barn?

  • Do your animals graze on lush pastures and are they moved every 1-3 days?